Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cooler For A Spell

The Big and Lil' have had an adventurous couple of weeks. The first was spent with Nettie and Papa in Chapin: fishing, cooking, swimming, eating things at 9am that should be eaten at 3 or 4pm, staying up late, getting dirty, burping, pooting, peeing in the yard. An all out free-for-all. While the kids were there, Daddy and I worked but also had fun being married without kids again. We didn't do much but we did have some great peeps come to town for a golf tournament and for some real down home swimming in the pool late at night, laughing your hiney off fun. It was a great break for all of us.

On Sunday, we picked up the little dirt balls and took them to a place with a whole other climate. I love where we live. It's beautiful. There is water at every turn and marsh grass and spanish moss swinging in the breeze. That breeze. That breeze is hot folks. It's swampy. And mosquitoey. A breeze that blows at 98 degrees is really no breeze at all. More like hot hangover breath. So, we got outta town and went cooler for a spell and here's what we learned:
- Big loves a wife beater t-shirt.
- Lil' is a little bit more brave than we've all given her credit for.
- Mama and Daddy can look really rough at times.
Here's what we did:
- Sliding Rock - slid down 60ft of river rock. Yes, even you Lil'.
- Hiked
- Floated the Green River
-Fished and fished and fished.


  1. Wow- really great pictures and post, sister. It's nice to see all those smiles. :)

  2. That is one good looking family. Fun vacation!!