Monday, March 7, 2011

The Plan

Let's catch up, shall we?

Big, you're big. You read. A lot. There is a small handful of things that you really love. You love your basketball, your sweatband and macaroni and cheese. You hate to do your homework because all you want to do is play outside everyday and for as long as you can. You love your friends and all you want to do in this whole wide world is have fun.

Lil, you're crazy. You're still crazy. There is a big handful of things that you really love. You love your doll Emily, your Barbies and these really dumb itsy bitsy puppies. You also love these weird ducks and you make me make a nest for them every night in your bed.

Then you make Daddy and I pinky swear that we won't touch the ducks and they'll still be there in the morning. You hate bugs but you want to be with your brother so you brave it and you follow him. You love your friends too but you love Big most of all. You're terribly clumsy and you always have lots of bruises on your legs because of that.

You're both growing up so fast. And I try to soak it all in. The noise. The bouncing balls. The messes. The laundry. I want to squeeze every drop out of this time. This precious time. When you still want to sleep with us. When you still want to hug us and be near us. When you still wrestle and say "ewwwwwwww" when people kiss on tv.

It's hard to believe that my reality will ever be anything other than what it is now. Because this reality is the reality that you always think about when you are growing up: Who will I marry? How many kids will I have? Where will we live? Those questions have all been answered for me now but I never could have imagined you would all be so great. I never would have imagined that this was the plan.


  1. It's hard when life extends beyond "The Plan" and you haven't ever planned for it...It's not that it isn't just as grand, it's just different---and you didn't see it coming, so you begin to "wing it". Maybe that's the way God has of making us get comfortable in the unpredictable, uncertain and very mortal part of life. Regardless, basking in the craziness of now is a gift and memories of the craziness become the gifts you open later. Good news is...those gifts are just as good as new every time you open them for the rest of your life. You are such a beautiful mama...