Monday, March 14, 2011

Mama Juices

Ooof, I gotta good one today. One of those that makes your heart hiccup or the little fish flutter in your tummy or the lump swell in your throat. One of those that makes me remember how lucky I am to be your Mama.

I love that you still run to me when you get out of school. Even though everyday that mean ole' biddy says "Don't run" in a way that sounds "Meoooow meoooow", you still do it and I don't tell you not to. I don't even look at you funny. You don't even get the squint eye. Cause I like it and it makes me feel good. In fact, it makes my day. You did it again today. On this perfect 80 degree, bright sunshine, warm breezy day. Except this time to make that mean ole' biddy even more mad, I ran to you too. She didn't like that one bit. Well that's what you get you mean ole' jelly bean.

Sure it was a cheezy Folgers commercial. Sure it would embarrass you if you were just 6 months older. But on this day, you didn't care and neither did I. And on this day, you followed it up with an "I missed you today Mama." 

And that's what did it. That's what got all my Mama juices flowin' today.

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  1. this is so sweet. i know what you mean. i love it when i get ella from school, and when she first sees me, her face just lights up, and she says, "mommy!" in that high-pitched, i don't want to see anyone else but you voice. we are so lucky.