Friday, March 5, 2010

A Real Good One

Big and Lil' -
It's high time I introduced you to two of my oldest and dearest friends. I know you've met others, Bob, Jerry and JB but here are two that you really should know about and know what I learned from them.

Carly -

I know every word to most all of the songs on the Reflections record thanks to one summer spent in my bedroom hating my ex-boyfriend. Seriously, the actual record, here's a definition for you:
A vinyl data storage device used for recording (storing) information (data).

Annnn - tiiii - ciii - paaaa - tioonnnn and Nobody Does It Better. Please roll down your windows and blare it and think of a young Mama at the tricky age of 16 someday. Thinking of Carly and James and a love between them that just always seemed to taxi instead of take-off - sniff, sniff, tear, tear - it got me through....

Stevie -

Now she is a fisty one. But loyal as the day is long. At the end of a session with Stevie, you will have cried your eyes out but then picked yourself up, put some make-up on, and fixed your hair. She'll pull you out of the trenches, that one. She'll teach you how to not be embarrassed and how to keep on keepin' on. "Get your ass up and get dressed. He sucked anyway." That's what she taught me.

Good taste in music is essential for survival. I think you'll both be alright. Your Daddy was once in the radio industry for pete's sake; and that's a different story for a different day but a real good one.

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