Friday, March 12, 2010

The One That Holds It All Together

Has it really been 25 years since I met you? The night they told me you were here seems just like yesterday. I remember everything. Every single second. Standing on the left side of the bed. The comforter was cream and there were dark, almost maroon pillows on the bed. The light was on. I was up late - it was after 10pm. I twisted the phone cord (it was cream too) in my hand while they told me you were here. A girl? A sister? Are you sure?

Well this is just great. I'm the girl in the family. You were supposed to be a boy! That's how I felt for the first 10 minutes of your life. But, I've been so happy you were a girl for the other 13,148,709.2 minutes. How cool is it that I get to remember the night my best friend was born? That doesn't happen everyday. It just doesn't.

Thank you for being born. I can't imagine my life without you. You are a piece of me. Like the middle piece of a puzzle. The one that holds it all together.

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