Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For Pete's Sake

When I was 12, I wrote in my diary that I wanted to make out with the following people:

The lead singer from Mr. Mister

"Take. These broken wings..." You know you loved it too.

Both of the guys from Tears for Fears


And this kid named Jon-Eric Sullivan. Who was H . O . T . I think my Mom even had a crush on his Dad.

Things have changed slightly. Now, I only want to make out with this guy.

And if I'm being honest, sometimes this guy...


Just kidding...

If I kept a diary now, which I guesss I kind of do through this site, I'd write about places I want to go.

Provence, France


For its wine, cheese and lavender. I do love lavender. And wine. And cheese. And wine.

New Zealand.

Does it need an explanation?

And Greece.

Cause I want to go fishing.

Oh and here. Tibet. I have to go to Tibet.

Because I think the people sound super nice.

I think it might be possible too. I did make out with Jon-Eric one time for 2 seconds playing spin-the-bottle for pete's sake.

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