Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Rollin' the Dice

Foof, what a week! Alright, so Lil' has some big news. She started dance yesterday and when I picked her up, she said, "That was so fun Mom." I'll tell you what is fun Lil'. Seeing you flit around this house in your leotard and tutu with your pink little slippers. That is fun. Until its time to make you change your clothes. Not so fun.

Daddy's parents have been here and before they left yesterday, we had a little celebration dinner and they gave Lil' her birthday gifts. Yep, her's is next. I have to say the theme of the presents that they gave her was a little stripper-ish but of course, Lil' LOVED every single thing. They gave her a mermaid outfit with sequins on it (lots of sequins), a feather boa, some skirts and leotards and slippers for dance and the most gaudy yet beautiful necklace you've ever seen. They nailed it as far as Lil' is concerned.

It's always hard to see them go because the time goes by so fast and furious when they are here. They are so sweet and thoughtful and generous and I'm not just kissing up. Ok, maybe a little. The woman's got some gorgeous diamonds. But we all really do miss them and wish we saw them more.

Speaking of jewelry... I've got some big news of my own. I've decided to become a rep for a jewelry company called Stella and Dot. The jewelry is fun and really well made so I'm hoping that I'll have great success. Starting something like this is not ever something I thought I would do but I'm excited and hopeful and scared and nervous. Here's my new website.

So here goes nothin', I'm rollin' the dice...

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