Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Lil'

Today is my little Lil's birthday. And she came into this world, much like she's lived it so far, by surprising us at every chance. I was scheduled for a c-section but actually went into labor a little earlier with her. Daddy was her hero from her first moment on this earth. She had some trouble breathing so he stayed with her for as long as it took for her to stabilize.

She's continued to surprise us with how incredibly beautiful she is. How much she can make us laugh and the sheer joy she's brought to our family. I remember being worried about whether or not I had enough love in my heart to share it with her. And what is amazing is how much love your heart can hold. She is the light of this family. Of that, I am quite sure.

We celebrated her birthday this weekend with good friends and family. Miss E. made her first trip to our house and what a gift that was. Lil's favorite things right now are mermaids so...

I had to give her one.

It was a swim party of course...

Keeping with the theme...

The lovely Miss E...

So now its just me and Lil'. Her brother is at school. Daddy went to work. Today, we're gonna do whatever she wants to do. I'm sure that's going to involve some makeup and fingernail polish and probably some sort of doll playing. It's all fine with me as long as I'm with her. Cause she's my "bess fend."

Happy Birthday little Lil'!


  1. Happy Birthday Lil'! You are a dream come true.

  2. I had no idea that was you until the third picture!