Saturday, September 19, 2009

Altitude, Attitude and Spirit

Daddy and I finally celebrated our anniversary last week. 10 years deserves something special you know. We celebrated in the mountains, walking in the woods and fishing in the rivers. We went to Wyoming and it was amazing.

There's something to be said about taking a breather. A breather from where you live. A breather from where you work. A breather from what you do everyday. And thanks to ours, I've never felt more refreshed than I do today.

I can only remember one other time in my life when I missed someone so desperately that was always just right in front of me. That was when I had Lil' and no matter what I did, I just couldn't stop missing Big even though he was right there. I just couldn't seem to get my hands on him.

When we went out west, I realized that I'd been feeling that way for a long time about your Daddy. I've been missing him for a while now too. I'm glad we took the time and I could realize that so I won't have to miss him anymore.

Sometimes a slight adjustment in altitude, attitude and spirit can make a huge

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