Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Summer of the Lion Pt.1

What's that saying?? "In like a lion, out like a lamb." Not sure our summer this year can be described by such. This year it was definitely just straight up the summer of the lion.

First of all. Big finished 5th grade. That's right! No more elementary school. He walked right on out of there and never looked back. I tried to re-register him this year at his old school but no one was havin' it.

He did really, really well in elementary school and he made Principal's Honor Roll which means all A's the whole time he attended SPES. Daddy and I had no idea that was coming so it was a great surprise when they called his name.

We celebrated the first days of what we thought would be a long summer....

We kicked the first week off with basketball camp. No rest for the weary. Lil' hung out with whoever would take her and we all floated along just fine. The 2nd week we went on down to Edisto to eat as many tomato pies as we could and soak up all those fine sunsets. Oh and Daddy got a hole in one on Father's Day while Big, Gus, Chippie and Papa all looked on.

That 3rd week of summer was one that I really hope Big doesn't forget anytime soon. Remember I said that Big did really well in school this year? Well he did so well that his teacher nominated him for a Leadership Conference in Washington DC. It was a week away from us with People 2 People in a hotel all on his own. He was lucky enough to travel and stay with one friend from school but there were no parents and he saw quite simply everything!!!! We missed him every single second. I'm pretty sure he missed us his second from the last day there. 

You could tell the power was starting to get to his head here.

While Big was away, Lil had a fun week of cheer camp at my dear old Chapin Highschool. She got to spend the whole week with this little chicken who turned 5 and got herself one of them fancy dolls...

Ok, so now we are at July 4th. You still with me? See how quick that happens?? The 4th was spent in Chapin with our good friends and family. Lighting fireworks, eating and making merry. This holiday has become our Christmas in July.

After the 4th, we had some very, very special visitors come. It was definitely a summer to catch up, jump in and soak up. Our whole family from Arizona and New York came to visit.  There were millions of us all together. Aunts and uncles and kids. My Lord, the kids! Grandma and Grandpa. It was a wonderful week. One where you realize that no matter how far apart you are or how much time passes, it's always the same when you're together again. Your spot in the family is secure, no matter where you go.

Alright. So there were other visitors too. Ones that have been in your life so long they just start to feel like family. The ones that you don't know how to live without. The ones you need to see in order for the world you live in to keep on spinning in a calm and orderly manner. And they have kids or they are in the process of making kids that you just adore. You barely know them or you don't know them at all yet but you are just utterly and completely smitten already.

So this brings us to early August. You see what I mean? "The summer of the Lion" but I'm finished yet. Oh no, there's more to come. Next post....

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