Monday, May 12, 2014

Best Week Ever

Have you ever heard people talk about the "best week ever"? You know, the kind of weeks that you just never will forget. Perhaps a honeymoon week or maybe a Spring Break? Well I had one of those weeks last week.

Tuesday falling into Wednesday changed our family again. We added a new one and she's just quite simply perfect. We were all there. Every single one of us. Miss E and Booboo, their mama and daddy. Big, Lil', Ned & Papa. All of us. We merged into one big happy brood with another extra special family. It was a long wait. But worth every second. Cheffie is here now.


Ok. So after we got Cheffie home and settled it was time to celebrate our birthdays. I made sure that happened. And that I did it very well. MR came down to help out a little too and Lil' had a pair of glasses on that I'm obsessed with.

Mother's Day came along and we spent the day celebrating all the mamas in our lives. We are so blessed to have so many and so many that mean so much. So that's how it went. The best week ever just happened.

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  1. It was...simply the best week ever. Memories made and love doesn't get much better than that.