Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your Booty

I am one of the "older ones" of our traveling Widespread team. To try and explain why at my age I still love their music, their fans and these "Mommy" trips I take is difficult to say the least but to put it plainly... it makes me feel young again. When I go to these shows, I remember so many good times with good people and for 4 hours, I feel like a kid again with no responsibilities, no where to be and no one to look after.

Last night marked 20 years for me and some of my other friends. 20 years of faithful patronage seeing a band that I've grown up with. The Band has known me for years. Watched me fight through being a teenager and turn into a young adult. They're still sticking by me through my 30's and I'm pretty sure that we've got a little more left in us. We may all be getting older but some things I guess stay the same. A good time with good people and good music never ever gets old even though your booty might be.

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