Monday, April 25, 2011

The Point.

I need to cheer myself up so please bear with me....

1 - We are all healthy and so are our parents, kids, brothers & sisters and friends. Thank God. Amen.

2 - I wish my Grandpa Jim and Daddy's Grandma Cora and Grandpa Ralph were still alive but it's nice to know that they all hang out together in heaven. I'm glad we've still got the grands we've got and I'm real glad our kids know and get to love them.

3 - I'm thankful for our home. Our kids love it here so even if I have to wait for my farm, I'll do it knowing that it will come one day.

4 - Not having money But it's ok. Want = Want and Need = Need. You gotta know the difference. You gotta know the difference. You gotta know the difference. (Sorry, had to say it 3 times to get myself to believe it).

5 - One of my besties birthdays' is this week. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting her be born. I'd be a mud puddle without her.

6 - Beer is awesome. Especially when it's cold.

7 - We live in a really beautiful place. We get 4 seasons and this one is my runner-up fave.

8 - My kids are so great that other people want them around them too.

9 - My husband is so great that he worries he's not good enough for us even though he's all we've ever needed.

10 - Hang in there. Things will get better. Things will get better. Things will get better. (3 times the charm, you get the point) 


  1. I've really enjoyed reading your blog for a long time...I'm one of your lurkers. It sounds like something has happened and I hope it all turns around soon for you.

    You're a great writer and I only wish I could read more...

    ...Your kids are adorable...

    ...And some of us out here in cyberspace are thinking of you and hope things look up soon!

  2. Great post friend! I made the list (5)! Love you and your kids are awesome!