Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Not Right

It's Spring Break and because I have to work, Big and Lil' are getting some good time in with Nettie and Papa. It's been a nice week for me and Daddy. Coming home from work and not watching kid shows. Not making grocery store trips. Not picking out clothes for the next day at bedtime. Not opening bags of gummies. Not settling fights. Not checking dates on milk cartons. Not saying "No running in the house or Don't bounce the ball in here."

But we're also not kissing eyelids before bedtime. Not getting random hugs and sweet I love you's. Not hearing "You're the best cooker ever." Not hearing a booming, bustling house or contagious giggles. Not reading books to stuffed puppies or talking to fish in fishtanks. Not seeing our beating hearts walking right in front of us.

You're not here and that's just not right.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, but you got a week off, and after that, it'll be right again. Enjoy your break. I still know what you mean.