Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mystery Solved

When my sister-in-law was pregnant and about to have my sweet Miss E, I emailed her a list of things that I thought were important to have on hand. I've gone back and searched for this email more than once over the past 2 years and I want to post it for future reference. Please disregard the raw humor/language. Sometimes you gotta get your point across. You know? Here goes:

The book was Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. Seriously, it saved me. I read it before, and then used it all during the first 6 months for both kids. Sorry I haven't mentioned it before.

Here are some things for your drawer:

vaseline or aquaphor. Good for flaky skin that will come when she's about 2 weeks old
alcohol swabs (belly button)
butt stuff
baby lotion
passies - mams, nuks, silicone and latex
hand sanitizer - You will have to use this so much so get something that smells good like sweet pea from bath & body. Sweet pea is a sweet baby smell
fingernail clippers - I never used these on them until they were older. I just bit them off myself. That is ALOT easier than trimming.
thermometer - Get a good butt one and then switch to an ear when her ears grow a bit
medicine dropper
gripe water - Have to go to baby boutique for this - helps w/ gas and I would go back and forth between this and mylicon
nose bulb sucker
mittens if you'll use them for fingernails

For you afterwards: lasinoh for nipps. Also, cooling gel pads for breasts (put them in frig for an extra chill - LIFE SAVER). Nursing pads. Epson salt to soak your hoo-haa. Ask your mom or somebody else if there are any other tricks to chilling a flaming hoo haa. I didn't have a flaming hoo-haa cause I had a c but I've heard the flaming hoo-haa isn't fun.

Also: just in! Heard about these nursing strips you can get that tell you if your milk is too toxic for baby after you've been drinking. I think these are it. Wish I had these back then... Milk Screen:

For some reason, the absolute best thing in the world to me when I was nursing was Cran-Grape and Frosted Shredded Wheat straight out the box. Mom said it was hers too. Weird I know but trust me. Nursing makes you sooooooooooooo thirsty. Be sure to always have water nearby when you do it cause you will want it. Make sure you have plenty of tupperware and stuff to be able to save food. I didn't and missed the boat on left-overs. You will not want to cook!

Alright I'll shut up. Hope this helps. I'll let you know if I think of anything else. Love you

Flaming hoo-haa mystery solved.


  1. I'm printing this out....I need all the advice I can get!! When are doing dinner?? Smitty

  2. I'm printing this out...I need all the help I can get! And I need it in layman's terms! When are we doing dinner?? Let us know when yall have some free time!!

  3. Are you getting ready for something? Something that you want to share with us at girls' weekend?

  4. I don't think you left anything, and I mean ANYTHING out! A clear and concise list, suitable for inclusion in the finest of baby how-to books! Judging by how successful Miss E's mom was, your advice must have been spot on...