Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where I Wanted To Be

I've been having some out of body experiences lately. You know those? So weird man. Like...

"Is that my hand making a peanut butter sandwich for him? My hands look old. Is that an age spot? Is that really my kid sitting over there eating his breakfast before he goes to school? Is that my reflection in the door taking her to ballet? Did I waddle like this when I was younger? Am I really 34? So... I'm not 14 then? Really? Weird."

Sometimes it just all hits me and I guess that I can't digest it so I start to question the reality of my life. "So you're telling me that I've really been married for 11 years? To him? Well good for me, he's hot. And those 2 kids are mine? Yes, those two fighting over there- the Big one and the Lil' one? And so I guess next you're gonna tell me that..." Well, you get the gist.

Is this a mid life crisis? I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that if the answers to all of these questions are yes then I am where I wanted to be all along.

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