Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Woman's Trash...

You never think you'll be like your mom when you grow up. And then it happens. In a saying, in a recipe, in a habit or while you're in a Chapin soccer t-shirt. All of the sudden, "Oh my lawd, I'm my mother."

The other night while strolling around our neighborhood, I came across some lovely giant liriope that were being tossed out. I took one look at them and said, "Not on my watch, Mr." and ran (ran/walked, I'm really out of shape) home to get my car. I hurried around the corner to the trash heap and loaded up the back of my car.

I brought home my treasures and started putting plants out all over our yard in the dark of the night. When I was finished and properly nipped on by the relentless gnats, I took one look at myself and said, "Oh my lawd, I'm my mother." I was wearing one of her old Chapin soccer t-shirts, tennis shoes (which is funny in itself because tennis shoes are just not cool on me) and sweat pants. I had dirt all over my face and inside my car and Warren, the cat was following me all over the place.

It happens in an instant and it finally happened to me. Here are some pictures of the finished product.

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!

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  1. A woman wonders what her legacy will be like...what particular things her children's or grandchildren's memories of her will be or what inane things might even trigger those memories. I have worried in the past that the smell of bacon frying up in a pan would be the associative memory everyone had of "Nettie", but I actually love that working in a garden way past daylight in a Chapin Soccer t shirt because you found the inspiration you weren't even looking for, made you think of me! Your little private garden is beautiful and so are you--even in a muddy Chapin t-shirt with tennis shoes on your feet. I love you with all of my heart.