Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Place To Dig

Grandma and Grandpa have come and gone.  When they visit, it seems like the time goes by in a blink.  We get in, we get out, we come, we go, hey there, bye, love you, doors close, doors open, good morning, good night, hug, kiss, its all one big dizzy second. But its always so good to see them. Even if it is in a blur.

As I may have mentioned before, Grandma and Grandpa have excellent taste. Good taste in food, good taste in jewelry, good taste in lots of things, plain ole' good taste. Because of this good taste, we receive many good gifts. But no gift from them will ever mean more than their gift of their time. The time they take to leave their "real" home, the time they spend with us and the time they spend for us.

Grandpa is what one would call a "handy man". He is very good with a saw, a screwdriver and a hammer. He's built and put lots of things together for us over the years. Closet shelves, stereo speakers, Big's fort, tables for Lil', toyboxes, jewelry boxes but this time he out-did himself. Daddy did start the process but Grandpa finished it. And it is something I've waited on since we moved into this house. Finally. A place to dig. 

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