Monday, April 19, 2010

Thanks Dad

A big thing recently happened to Big. He's waited all his life for it and I know my Dad has too. He finally got to go turkey hunting. The following is an email from my Dad detailing the experience. A couple of things to know:

1 - Willy is the dog.
2 - Muller is my Dad's hunt farm.

"I just wanted to tell you what a thrill Big was to me this weekend. He showed up 6 feet tall and was really a heck of a little man this weekend. From getting up at 5:30, being patient with an old man, sitting pretty still for 6 yrs old, whispering, walking thru the swamp in the black dark with no flashlight, loving and running with Willy, to the look on his face Saturday morning when he heard the first of many gobbles. Sitting against the base of a tree, back to back watching and hearing the swamp wake up. None I will ever forget.

We had grudge matches in foosball, ping pong & pool. Watched turkey hunting shows and the Masters, drank beer (me) and Sprite, ate powdered doughnuts, Snickers, hot dogs and hamburgers.

His most profound question this weekend was: Where will I be able to hunt when I get big? That answer was simple--Muller.

Muller makes memories for me.

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