Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What You Gave Out for Halloween

I've never been much for Halloween but it is much more fun now that the kids are here. Daddy even gets into it. He did this all by himself. Like the pumpkin, scared of the knife and the smile...

Anyways, moving along. Gone are the days of cute little clowns and sweet peas. They're still cute but now they decide their own costumes.

My favorite costumes from when I was young were when my little brother and I dressed up like the Ghostbusters and used my Dad's asbestos removal suits. I also can remember being a hobo a couple of times. One time I added an extra large hiney in my pants with toilet paper. That was funny but got tricky as the night wore on.

The next door neighbor always gave out the best stuff. Sometimes it was popcorn balls, sometimes it was a a little cluster of mixed chocolatey goodness but whatever it was, it was always wrapped up in a special little bag that added just the right ooomph. Ms. Verlene was not known as a nice lady generally speaking, but she sure did give out good Halloween candy. I guess you gotta be remembered for something. Why not what you gave out for Halloween?

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