Monday, November 9, 2009

Manning Her Up

The other day I started thinking about some of the things my Dad has taught me over the years. Of the bajillion, these are some I want you to remind me about if I forget to tell you by the time you grow up.

- To backup a trailer, you need to put your hand at the bottom of the steering
wheel. When you turn the wheel, whichever way your hand goes, is the way the
trailer will go.

- When you fill your gas tank up in your car and there's not a notch on the pump to
catch the handle so you can walk away, lodge your gas cap in there to hold the
handle up.

- When driving a car or shooting a gun, aim for where you are gonna be or the bird
is gonna be.

- When you want a puppy to follow you or come, say "hey, hey" instead of the dog's
name and run a little so it will chase you.

- Don't touch the brakes when you go through a puddle on the road.

- An empty shotgun shell makes a great whistle.

- If your car gets stuck in the mud, wedge wood in the front and back of each rear
tire. That will help give you some traction.

The list keeps going for another day or two but these were some of the things I thought of riding down the road the other day. Hence, the car related info. Meanwhile - I came across this picture of Lil' and Papa the other day. She loves him.

And he's gonna man her up just like he did with me.

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  1. Yes he is indeed wonderful. Unfortunately, he didn't teach any of us how to hook the trailer to the car appropriately...