Thursday, June 4, 2015

Just Like You

Welp.... we made it. Today is the official first day of summer and 6th and 2nd grade are getting packed up and put away. I've spent the morning going through all of Lil's artwork from the year. Big doesn't really bring home artwork anymore. His is mostly just test scores and school pictures that I buy because I know I will need them for his rehearsal dinner photo presentation the night before his wedding.

Big is big now. He has big ideas and big opinions. He wears big shoes and big shirts. He has a big appetite and he smells like a big kid. He plays basketball big. He talks to girls big. He rolls his eyes at me big. He makes big grades and does things in his own big way. Baby Big has gone away. This is the new Tween-big Big. He's figuring it all out. His body is changing. I try to interject and let him know he can ask me whatever he needs to but that makes him blush and feel weird so I try to just be cool. I'm trying to just stay cool. He's growing big but I'm holding on bigger.

Lil'... My sweet, sweet Lil'. You are sweet and thoughtful and you think of everyone else before you think of yourself. You never just make one glass of water. You make 2 and ask who wants the other one. One day this spring you had a friend come over to play. All of the sudden ya'll wanted to have a lemonade stand in the front yard. But this wasn't just any lemonade stand. You decided that any money you earned, you would donate to the "poor kids in Africa" (the info-mercials really get to you). At first you would politely ask people walking by if they wanted to buy a cup of lemonade. Then you started flagging cars down and literally stood in the middle of the street to keep them from passing. At the end of the day, you collected $67 for the kids in Africa and I've never seen you more proud of yourself. You are still riding horses and you love your bunny more than anything. We had a 6 month birthday party for Penny the other day and you had party hats, favors, a cake made from lettuce, apples and carrots and party favors. You my little apple, do not fall far from your tree when it comes to birthday parties.

Miranda Lambert Concert
A pile of Cousins

Daddy turned 40 this year. We celebrated as much as we could. There was a fun dinner with Heath, Schill, Chip and Emily and then a little party with the people in town that we love. Daddy bought himself an awesome little 1967 Scout but unfortunately it was only with us for 4 months. Daddy is still looking for a replacement.

Schill and I think 40 is hysterical.

Lots of Cheffie pictures from this year. She has made a huge difference in all of our lives and reminded me what it's like to have a baby again. Yes babies are alot like bikes  - you never forget how to handle them and they feel alot different the older you get.

With Big starting travel basketball this year, Lil' and I had lots of time to fool around in hotel rooms. Guess this pic...

Lil' had another big moment this spring when she got braces!!!

We also had a couple of unicorn sightings! Yes!! It was truly unbelievable.

My kids are growing up. It's unmistakable. I am literally watching them stumble from the nest and then climb right back in. I'm thankful for both actions - that they have the courage and know-how to try things out for themselves and the need and want to come back to me. I know that the day is coming when they are gonna fly. And I'm gonna cry like a baby when they do but I'm so damn proud of both of you. If you were someone else's kids, I'd want mine to be just like you.

Last day of 6th grade.

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