Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fresh and Crisp

Gotta keep going, keeping this record for you. My posts get further and further a part but it's only because there is so much going on in the middle. I don't want to forget and I want you to remember. Your childhood was good. It was fun. It was epic and it made you who you are.

This little girl is more than I could have ever imagined she would be. She's fast becoming one of  my very best friends.

There are limited amounts of chances of ever getting a picture of you these days. Much less one of you on my lap. But I'll take 'em. Every single last one of them.

We took some time for the fair. Lil' learned some boundaries and will probably never again ride a roller coaster. Big found out that you actually do get the bull when you mess with the horns.


Halloween was different this year because Big took off on his own.  Living in a big neighborhood, you rely on a golf cart these days for transportation on Halloween and Lil' and I took full advantage of it.


 Lil' has inherited my tendency of "over doing it". She tends to always want to take our decorations, regardless of the season, to the next level.

  Lil' is in the middle of falling in love and she's falling hard. Can't say I blame her.

 Thanksgiving was spent with sweet cousins and aunts who missed their callings.

 Christmas is a blur but we made sure to hit the highlights: the lights at the park, seeing Santa, writing letters (which is probably Big's last time) and putting a white light on just about anything we could. The most special part of this year, was being able to see Cheffie on her very first Christmas morning.
Our Tree

Cluby, Lil' and Yancey
Cheffie and BooBoo's real life Santa

Looks like somebody's been here.

Our New Year's was quiet. We spent it as a family at dinner until Big ditched us all again and I showed Lil' who Julia Roberts was and what a working girl is really all about. Welcome to Hollywood. You got a dream? Everybody's got a dream! Who doesn't love Pretty Woman? 

 And then New Year's Day. The freshest, crispest of them all. A walk on the beach.

 Here's to everything being fresh and crisp this year.

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  1. I teared up, chuckled a bit and lost myself in all the pictures...thanks for an update. I love you, Ashley, for the love you carry for traditions and the importance you place on memories...making them and keeping them. You are a special human being.