Friday, September 5, 2014

Good Ole' Fashioned School Days

With all the craziness of the summer, I forgot that you were starting middle school. I guess I just wasn't expecting it to be such a big deal. But man oh man, was I wrong. You worry about girls now and your hair. You don't want me to embarrass you and you had your first dance which was beyond excruciating for me. You do all your homework mostly on your own these days and hardly ever ask me for help. But sometimes... at night... you still sneak in my bed and snuggle with me and then you forget that you're in middle school too. It's those little glimpses of the baby I once knew that melt me now. 

He may be too big for me most of the time, but you litle Lil' still think Daddy and I are the best thing ever. You snuggle anytime anybody wants to. You always think about everyone else first and you still sleep with mountains of stuffed animals every single night. You did start 2nd grade this year though so I know that freight train called time is moving on. But I'm hangin on tight to every second with you sweet baby girl.

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