Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Disney Part II

We pulled our tired bodies up and outta the bed on Day 2. With sore legs and tired backs, we swigged back coffee and Diet Cokes and headed over to Epcot. This is my favorite park. I wanted to make sure we did everything that I did when I was little and came to Disney. I remembered coming here - I think they will too...

There is something new there that we loved. They've added a Butterfly house and a ride called Soarin'. Soarin' was incredible and we flew over California with mouths wide open and pretended like we were running over the vineyards in Napa. Challenge: Try not to swing your feet on this ride. Impossible, I say!

this little guy had just been born and his wings hadn't uncurled yet. he was 
getting a drink.

This is the part that I remember most. The water hoppers. 

what do you think happens next? you guessed it!

 Lil' loved the Fairy Forest.

And was completely tuckered out at the end of the day...

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