Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Like Mine

Somebody told me yesterday that this is the "magic age" for my kids. The age that you would get along with eachother the best. "Shut the front door" I said. "Holy Cats! Cheese and Rice! Eggs and Bacon!" I missed it. "Yep, 7 and 4, those are the best years. They will never like eachother more or have more in common than they do right now," she said.  "Well, isn't that a beaver!" I said. "I didn't even know! And their birthdays are right around the corner!" "Well, your time is almost up," she told me. "Soon it will all be over."

I've mentioned here before about the friendship I have amongst my siblings. I regard the 2 of them as 2 of my closest and best friends. Sure, we've had some doozie arguments but the fact remains that we understand eachother's crazy (and I mean for.real.crazy) mind and for the most part we are always in the other's corner. All 3 of us are married now and have wonderful partners  but there's something about knowing in your heart that there's another person out there made out of the same stuff.

I tell you kids all the time that you shouldn't fight or be mean to eachother because there's only 2 of you in the whole wide world. Eachother is all you've got. I hope you remember that not just when you're 7 and 4 but also when you're 74 and 71. I hope your "magic age" turns into "any age" just like mine has.


  1. i tell mine the same thing. just cause someone said it doesn't make it true. i cultivate their friendship just like i do my garden;) magic is always there, you choose whether or not to see it. you're such a great mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, etc..... cousin-in-law!