Wednesday, July 21, 2010

House of Cards

I've always considered myself to be a pretty good big sister. I've been a decent sibling,  but I'm nothing compared to Big. He's the greatest big brother that ever lived.

Lil' is a tough one. She's a demanding little bugger and he takes it and he takes it. She makes him get her blankie. She makes him get her cookies. She makes him watch baby shows on t.v.. She makes him do her makeup and she likes for him to wash her hair. Poor fella. He's gonna be a great beautician someday.

Tonight she made him eat her supper. I told her she couldn't get up until she ate all of it so she sat there for a while and then came up with a brilliant little plan. This is what she looked like...

Her plan was simple. It took some timing and some persuasion but if she could get it all just right, it might work. Convince Big to eat all her supper and swear him to secrecy! Ha! Mama would never be the wiser.

There was only 1 problem. She was so proud of herself for coming up with the plan and the execution of it, she had to brag about it. And that cost her dearly. Her whole plan fell like a house of cards.


  1. Possibly my favorite Lil' story in a while. She's so much like you that it's scary! But I will also say, you are much better than just a "decent" sibling, sista.

  2. We loved it. I think she is so much like another little girl I once knew. What did she make him eat?
    Love You!!! Leigh