Monday, July 12, 2010

All That Mattered

Try to imagine, if you will, Blanche without Rose. Shaggy without Scooby. Tubbs without Crocket. Impossible, right? That's how hard it is to imagine Daddy without Dr. J.

Dr. J. is Daddy's best friend. His oldest friend. The friend that crosses over the line. The friend that stops being a friend and becomes a part of your family. Yea, he's that guy.

During the week, sometimes they reminded of me of two 7 year old boys, wrestling and punching and breaking things. Then at another point, they seemed like two 80 year old women. Giggling over pictures and videos of the kids on the screened porch while drinking "manmosas." Whatever those are.

They did a lot together. They did nothing together. They were together. That's all that mattered.

1 comment:

  1. It's so wonderful to share a friendship like that one, Daddy...Some people never know what that's like, so you are one of the lucky ones. Beautifully expressed, Mama....we all know how hard it is for guys to put their feelings into words.