Sunday, January 5, 2014


Tomorrow will take you back to school. We are all dreading it. What a long and wonderful break it's been. Another Christmas in Chapin. With all the people, the lights, the family, the dogs. I hope these memories are chiseled into your heads. How lucky you are to have such big Christmas' in every way. Big parties with big groups of people. Christmas Eve services in a big church with a big beautiful candlelit finale. Big Christmas day wake ups with lots of big dreams that come true. Big dinners with big family and long days of playing and unwrapping and eating. Please remember what Nettie does each year to make your Christmas special. All her hard work is for you and your cousins. Making sure each Christmas is special and meaningful and the one that "you will never forget". Don't forget it. Don't ever forget it.

New Year's was spent in a new way for us this year. Time in Edisto with special friends who are now our family as well. Edisto's loveliness delivered each morning and put to bed each night in the sunset. A true gift all wrapped up in beach sand. We laughed and sent lanterns up to the sky. 

We took pictures on the beach together. Pictures that showed me we look more alike than I ever thought we did.

Tomorrow will take you back again. Back to the daily in's and out's. And that's fine. But when you look back and think of this Christmas, remember your joy. Remember how much you believed. Because it was more than you ever have and that's where the magic really came from. Our Christmas' are wonderful because of you. You have made them more than we ever thought was possible. 

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  1. Years ago, a child of a friend of mine came to my house at Christmas time. When he came in the door, he turned to his mother and said, "This is the house where Christmas is". It has always been my hope that everyone who comes through my door feels exactly the same way that little boy did. All of you make Christmas special for me...your excitement, your joy and your noise simply fill my heart to the brim with the spirit of Christmas. I will always cherish each and every Christmas spent with you.