Monday, September 9, 2013

You Melt Me

Lauren turned 7 yesterday. I can't even believe it. Time is clicking by much faster than I'm ok with. She had a sleepover and for most of these kids, it was their first night away. I expected drama. I expected late night parent pick-ups. I did not expect for all of them to fall asleep before 11 and sleep all night long.

They played manhunt. They had sundaes. They had dance parties, and lipstick and jump marathons on the trampoline. There were balloons and cake and signs and screaming and running and shrieking. Lil' and her friend Ava devised a genius plan to split the 8 girls into groups. They took turns switching between the groups and each group did different things throughout the night. This made it more manageable. It was brilliant.

This girl loves her Daddy.

She also loves her new bike.

She made her own birthday sign with Ava this year.

BooBoo even had fun!! Takin a bath in the sink...

This was taken 7 years to the minute of your birth. You melt me now just like you did then.

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