Thursday, January 24, 2013

Growing Up, Rolling On & Moving Right on Through

Sorry about the long pause in posting kids. You guys have been keeping me extra busy lately and I haven't had time to write. Or take your picture! I'm making a mental note to change that pronto. 

We are in full basketball swing mode right now for Big. Daddy is coachin' and Big is jammin'. My washing machine is constantly full of smelly crazy colored socks and there are so many silky pairs of basketball shorts that most of my piles of laundry slide instantly onto the floor. The shoes on the floor. Oh my lawd. The shoes. Big shoes, little shoes, work shoes, school shoes, boots, flip flops. You name it... it's scattered across my kitchen.

Big is also currently hating my guts for making him go to cotillion every Wednesday night. Seriously. Hating. Me. I'm sorry but I just can't apologize for wanting my son to be the best dancer at the wedding. He'll probably meet his wife that way one day and he'll have me to thank for it! 

He just made Principal's Honor Roll again. He cares but not as much as we do. All he wants is the cash. He's a hustler baby.

Lil' has just been chuggin along with all her furry stuffed animals in tow. I put a limit on how many she can sleep with at night because frankly it was pissing me off trying to make up her bed every morning. Who wants to play hide and seek with a bunch of bed lumps at 7am? Not this guy. Now she can only sleep with 4 which is a tremendous reduction from the 15-20 it used to be. 

She is taking gymnastics and is grossly clumsy but who am I to judge. Lawd knows she gets that honest. She loves it though and I'm just happy we've found something she enjoys. She is also doing great in school. She seems to love a good game of tag at recess. No cotillion for her yet although I think she is dying to go. She's such a priss. But a quirky and sweet one which is cool. 

We made a quick trip to Wagram right after New Years and I did manage to get a couple pictures from that. I promise to make a better effort to keep our little diary updated. The kids are growing up, moving on and rolling right on through...

Did you know trucks can grow grass?

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