Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Looks Good on You Girl

Daddy let me scoot outta here for a bit this past weekend. Whew! I was in much need. It's been quite a little circus at my part-time gig lately so gettin outta town for a spell was just what I needed. 

Some friends and I popped down to this little slice of heaven in Key Largo. We went to celebrate - cause somebody had a birthday...

and we all know how I feel about a birthday!

Friends just so you know... Key Largo is lovely this time of year.

It has a warm gentle breeze that smells of coconuts and salty delicious water that begs you to just come on in. And when you add this to a champagne mojito with fresh crushed mint from a little sweetheart named Everton...well... it's just genious.

Whatever number you're puttin' on it - it looks good on you girl. Happy Birthday.

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