Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jugs of Wine

Thanksgiving was a little different for us this year. Scratch that. It was a lot different this year. We were able to travel with the team to the Bahamas for a tournament they were in so we celebrated with our people the weekend before. I channeled my inner Italian country cookin' mama mia' and I laid the hammer down. 4 courses. The real deal. We ate on my wedding china with Cora's silver and all the serving platters I have of hers.
1st course: Chunks of parmesan, crucolo and provolone. Spreads of speck, salami and prosciutto. Soft bagets with an olive oil imported straight from the mother land. Jugs of wine.
2nd course: Arugula with sprinkles of red onion and plum tomatoes. 3 handmade salad dressings: red wine vinaigrette, onion vinaigrette and a creamy balsamic. Jugs of wine.

3rd course: Home from College Sausage with hand-rolled ricotta cavetelli. Rigatoni covered with hand-crushed tomato sauce. Jugs of wine.

4th course: 2 different pork brachioles. One stuffed with a creamy shitake & parmesan cheese sauce. The other with grated parmesan, provolone and fresh parsley. Jugs of wine.

It was an Italian Sunday Dinner on a Saturday night in Charleston with jugs and jugs of wine.

 boys did the dishes...

 then we had a foot race. cause what's any meal without a foot race?

like i said. jugs of wine.

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