Thursday, October 13, 2011

Doin' It Right

Last Saturday was a HUGE day for little Big. A HUGE day for Daddy and a HUMONGOUS day for my Daddy. Daddy and I have been married for 12 years (yes, I had to get a calculator out) and my Dad has been waiting for last Saturday since the night we got married. Seriously. On our way out of the reception, my Dad's only instructions were to "go make babies".

He's been waiting for Big to do what Big did since that night. And Big did it and he did it right. A 9pt buck with his 8 year old hands.

Please do not scroll further if you are a member of PETA, ASPCA, PAL, WEEAC, FoA, COK, CALA, or have been on a Sea Shepherd mission or if you are vegetarian, vegan, weak in the stomach, against the NRA, not sure if you want to remain in the PTA, the PCA or the AARP. Sorry, I got carried away but you're gonna see some deadness if you scroll further...

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