Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slushy-Bellies Unite!

There's some funny business happening at our house.

Big has started having a dance party pretty often in our den after supper. Considering that he is the longest, stringiest, 7 year old that man has ever known, the sight of him throwing himself around the room, makes me almost wet my pants. We never let him think that we're laughing at him though. That would be devastating. It's better that he believes we're laughing out of pure entertainment. His choice in music is particularly interesting. It's instrumental and illogical. Don't worry. We've been video taping him. And the giggle in my belly that can't wait to release this video when he's 15 or at his wedding rehearsal dinner is a very excited but hushed one. Oh lord, it's gonna be good.

One of my earliest memories comes from when I was in pre-school. I'm guessing I was in the 3's or 4's class. I was sitting on the floor next to my teacher and she was wearing a short sleeved shirt. I was sitting on her left side and I obviously really liked this lady although I can't remember her name. I can however remember that because of her, I discovered what old lady arm fat was. And for a span of time on this one day, I made that fat jiggle. I can remember slapping it around and watching the ripples while the other kids were singing "Jesus Loves Me."

This memory came rushing back to me last night when I was in the shower with Lil'. She found my left-over-baby-weight-beer-slushy-belly and she turned it into a person. Who talked. And sang. And made faces. I guess that's the price you gotta pay for having a child with a wild imagination. But on the upside, it's just another reason why I shouldn't go on a diet! Who am I to take away Lil's shower friend? I can't be the one to stomp on her creativity.

Who would have guessed that the greatest lesson I would learn in pre-school would be to embrace the slushy-belly?

Slushy-bellies unite!

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  1. I have been asked multiple times from my boys if I had a baby in my belly.