Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Come From Crazy

Big thinks I'm crazy. He recently told his Uncle that I'm the craziest girl he knows. Lucky for me, he doesn't get embarrased by it yet. But it's coming. Oh, it's coming. He thinks I'm crazy because I shot him in the face with the sink sprayer. He thinks I'm crazy because I shoot guns and duck hunt. He thinks I'm crazy because I'm a girl who likes to do boy things from time to time and I think he can tell that at one point in time, I had a real good time getting dirty and getting into trouble.

The truth is that crazy, keeps me young. It makes me look for adventure. It reminds me how to be fun. It shows my almost 7 year old son that girls can do anything. It shows my almost 4 year old daughter that she doesn't have to be perfect. It shows the 34 year old me and the 35 year old Daddy that we're not as old as we feel or think we are. We are still young and we are still crazy and that's perfectly ok.

Don't ever forget how to be crazy. Let it be little light inside of you but don't let it take over you. Let it inspire you and create things for you and let it help you remember how to be fun. I come from a long line of crazy and you do too. Embrace it.

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  1. You are crazy and that is what I love about you! You are an awesome boy mom.